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Eduardo Ramirez

Clients want fast service, accurate responses, and valuable solutions.

Job applicants need a little guidance and prompt communication.

When you hire me to help you, you can expect prompt, accurate, and valuable solutions.  I'll guide you as needed, and you will hear from me in a timely manner.

My Story

I became a recruiter to have access to nonpublic information about hiring companies and their selection processes so I could improve my own job search. I'll gladly share what I know now so you can get the job you love to have FAST.

Meet the Team

I'm an independent recruiter, but I do not operate alone. Success is not a solo act.

Over the years I have built a network of professionals that help me uncover full-time and permanent career opportunities mainly in the United States of America.

In this blog, I only publish career opportunities in Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, and Sales because that is what I know the most about. However, I have access to career opportunities in over twenty five industries.

I read one or two books per month to keep informed and keep improving my recruiting service.