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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the answers to the most common questions prospective employers and applicants have. Contact Us if you have any others. We'll update this section accordingly.

What’s your guaranty policy?

If a hired candidate referred by Eduardo Ramirez terminates employment with Client within the first 60 calendar days of their employment, Eduardo Ramirez will identify new candidates and provide a one-time replacement employee at no additional charge. Eduardo Ramirez obligations shall be met if, prior to referring the replacement candidate, the client fills the position from another source. This guarantee is contingent upon Eduardo Ramirez receipt of the Direct Hire Fee within ten (10) calendar days following the commencement date of the candidate’s employment.

How much do you charge applicants?

My service is completely free to applicants.  I'm a recruiter because I want to help people be more productive and be fully engaged at work. For this reason, I am willing to help anyone even if I do not have recruiting contract with the employing entity. I'll gladly share my knowledge and experience with anyone in need of help. Once you get your first paycheck you'll have the opportunity exercise you generosity muscle. I'll take whatever gratuity you are willing to share.

Do you sponsor work visas for foreigners?

We do not have any immigration expertise. My clients do not sponsor any type of visa. Applicants must be eligible to work in the country where the job is located at the time of employment application.