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I belong to a vast community of Independent recruiters and recruiting firms.

I network with industry professionals that refer friends and connections. And employ targeted social media campaigns.


Enhance your job search marketing strategy.

Discover the magic of a targeted resume.

Get more job interview calls. I'll help you develop resumes that get your phone ringing!


Enhance your interviewing skills.

Interview the interviewer. Show your preparation.

Get an offer you cannot refuse!


Consultavite approach.

Our consultative recruiting approach is needs-based that focuses on building relationships with a employers and applicants that identifies solutions to their challenges through open-ended questions and active listening. Our consultative process puts your needs over ours.

Winning is a team effort.

Communication is essential to our success. It makes tracking progress and working together more efficiently. We agree on, set, and adjust goals based on outcomes and results. This gives us clear direction and something to aim for collectively.


Next Steps...

Let's talk about your talent requirements or career objectives so we can define a plan of action.